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Alter Ego was founded on the solid craftsmanship of the past. We use well-worn, well-made vintage and salvaged objects and re-imagine them to suit your modern needs and aesthetics.   


Simply put, Alter Ego fosters the idea that there can be more than one rendering of a thing: Tilt it at a different angle, place it in completely new surroundings, or even another era, and it becomes an alternate version of itself.


For instance, an old machinery part becomes a piece of art and a focal point to a room when re-worked as a sculptural form--its unique patina, and even its flaws, are highlighted in an unexpected way.


The rustic nature of our Alter Ego products adds texture and story to a space. Our custom furnishings, upcycled furniture, and collection of vintage and found pieces work well within the rustic industrial, MCM, farmhouse, and cozy cottage design styles, especially when complemented with greenery and other natural elements and textiles.  


Alter Ego is also a resource for artisans who are looking for raw and salvaged materials sourced from the Midwestern heartland to create their own designs. In addition to furnishings, accents, and raw materials, we offer unique t-shirts, hats, cards, gift tags and seasonal items that are great for gift-giving.

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